Single-temperature zone vertical oven
This equipment is a vertical curing oven developed for the semiconductor, SMT, dispensing, and glue filling industries, which turns the plane heating space into a three-dimensional heating space, saving energy consumption and space.

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Single-temperature Zone Vertical Oven Specification:



           Dimension (mm




      Power   requirements

          3P 5L 380V 50/60Hz

           Total   power


           Heating   zone

                     1 pcs

   Maximum   width of the pallet


     Exhaust   airflow requirements

                10m3 /min

          Operating   noise


  Constant   temperature power


           Control   mode

         Embedded system + touch PC

     Temperature   setting range

           Room   temperature-200 °C

   Temperature control   accuracy


Temperature   difference in heating zone


    Transportation   direction

Vertical transportation,   push plate mechanism to feed the plate

      Conveyor height (mm


      Production   efficiency

60min/baking   time (min) * number of storage layers

  The number of storage   layers

     700mm/layer   height, standard 20 layers

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